Scriptcase Updates

ScriptCase v8.0.033 - 02-26-2015 20:18

 Specific correction
Fixed Problem when using HTML buttons with JavaScript functions on label fields.
Fixed Problem when using the macro sc_date_dif in onApplicationInit events.
Fixed issue in the behavior of pages Resulting from the Report PDF using sub-select in the header.
Fixed issue of the Grid’s QuickSearch when use a TEXT fields in PostgreSQL database.
Fixed bug in PDF export applications using labels groups.
Fixed PDF file corrupted Problem when downloaded via mobile devices.
Fixed issue When changing the chart type after creating a theme.
Fixed issue in the description of the buttons used to create directories in HelpCase.
Fixed the checkbox fields behavior with manual lookup in editable grid (view) forms.
Fixed issue in the field selection behavior forms of multiple records using the macro sc_field_disabled_record.
Fixed problem with tabular ENTER on the first access to the form.
Fixed issue in display multiple tabs at lower resolutions.
Fixed issue in the preview days of the week on the calendar with Indonesian language.

ScriptCase v8.0.032 - 02-19-2015 14:06

 Specific correction
Fixed problem of duplicate by selecting a field in the dynamic search.

ScriptCase v8.0.031 - 02-18-2015 22:31

 New functionalities
Added horizontal and vertical support for the menu application.
Added time parameter option when creating charts in PDF’s export configuration.
 Specific correction
Fixed problem when using apostrophe in the Quick Search.
Fixed issue when using multiple criteria values in the Dynamic Search.
Fixed problem importing XLS files on the database.
 Performance improvement
Charts Exportation performance improved.
Fixed problem when using macro sc_error_exit in master/detail application.
Fixed problem when including tables with decimal fields in the Data Dictionary.
Fixed problem when using Ajax processing with double select.
Fixed bug in the PDF export’s summary with multiple charts on the same page.
Fixed issue when editing the CHARSET while creating an application.

ScriptCase v8.0.030 - 02-05-2015 14:24

 Specific correction
Fixed problem in percentage fields display with negative values in the grid application.
Fixed problem when inserting multiple values for a double select fields in editable grid forms (view).
Fixed problem in the fields type when importing Excel spreadsheets for database conversion.
Fixed problem in select type of fields with multiple values in the filter.
Fixed problem in the date field visualization to change the language via the toolbar in the grid application.
Fixed problem in the amount of characters for the user’s e-mail in the ScriptCase administrative settings.
Fixed problem in the vertical alignment of the menu items with images.
Fixed problem in the behavior of disabled fields to score check box fields set to reload after changing the value.
Fixed problem when changing amount of bars in the standard HTML editor values in the project.
Fixed problem when generating a Grid application initiating as CSV.
Fixed auto complete problem in fields for capturing the filter.
Fixed problem when clicking on Google Maps fields configured as URL.

ScriptCase v8.0.029 - 01-29-2015 20:03

 New functionalities
Updated examples of projects Samples and Cash Flow. (Required import again)
 Specific correction
Fixed problem when using macro sc_btn_display in grouped buttons.
Fixed problem of invalid characters in the tittle display of chart on a PDF application.
Fixed problem when using global variables in procedures with Firebird.
Fixed problem date field values to change the language of the form.
Fixed data problem invalid in double select fields in grid view editable form.
Fixed problem after inserting multiple values in a editable grid view though checkbox fields.
Fixed problem in “Do not Repeat Value” option in fields with lookup.
Fixed problem when using QRCODE in a sub-select of the PDF Report application.
Fixed problem in sub menu indicators in ScriptCase.
Fixed problem in search of HelpCase.
Fixed problem when using Ajax event with calculator.
Fixed problem in paging editable grids with log module.
Fixed problem when using PHP button after deleting details (master/detail).

ScriptCase v8.0.027 - 12-30-2014 14:00

 Specific correction
Fixed problem insert and update files on multiupload fields.
Fixed problem in the validation of required fields when using special conditions in the date field of the filter.

ScriptCase v8.0.026 - 12-23-2014 18:18

 Specific correction
Fixed issue for downloading files, with characteres multi bytes in upload fields.
Fixed issue in behavior of file type fields when disabled.
Fixed session issue when using the Database Builder.
Fixed issue when using grouping of buttons on control application.
Fixed issue in display of files in multiple uploads field on first access.
Fixed issue in the indicators of submenu itens in Internet Explorer.
Fixed issue when executing commands saved in SQL Builder.
Fixed issue on the Google Maps fields in grid application.
Fixed interface issue on session data of application.
Fixed issue when using the Ctrl+Space shortcut in brackets in the code editor.
Fixed issue in the interface of Database Builder.
Fixed problem in navigation buttons to the Spanish language (United States).
Fixed issue when using methods in Ajax event in grid application.
Fixed issue of broken characteres in the language field in the toolbar.
Fixed edge issue in menu images using Internet Explorer 10.
Fixed issue when using tables named with dollar sign in SQL Server.
Fixed problem in entering data in fields of type ENUM.
Fixed issue when using the Ctrl+Space shortcut when preceded by spaces and tabs.
Fixed issue in master/detail navigation using query details.

ScriptCase v8.0.025 - 12-18-2014 17:38

 Specific correction
Fixed problem in image resolution in the converted PDF Report applications.
Fixed problem in view with double scroll bars in Internet Explorer using the menu application.
Fixed problem to hide the detail in view of a form with several details.
Fixed problem when displaying the field value in Report PDF footer using the macro sc_pdf_output.
Fixed problem in view of the background to change the orientation of grid application.
Fixed problem in the back button configured with outbound URL in the grid application linked to the menu.
Fixed problem in the view of virtual fields in the configuration of grid application columns.
Fixed problem in the display for WORD export.

ScriptCase v8.0.024 - 12-15-2014 20:08

 Specific correction
Fixed problem when searching for DATETIME fields configured as type date in the filter.
Fixed problem in the interface to create langs without content.
Fixed problem when creating applications with multi upload hidden fields.

ScriptCase v8.0.023 - 12-11-2014 19:20

 New functionalities
Created new macro to change the file name when exporting WORD. sc_set_word_name macro.

This macro should be used in the event “onScriptInit”.

 Specific correction
Fixed issue when using DISTINCT with INNER JOIN on totals.
Fixed problem when accessing the summary of a grid application using DISTINCT.
Fixed problem when using ENTER to tabular in double select fields.
Fixed issue in the grid application started by the filter when submitted by ENTER.
Fixed problem when using the macro sc_redir in grid Ajax events.
Fixed problem for date fields are disabled.
Fixed issue when clicking outside after selecting a value, in SELECT fields for multiple values.
Fixed issue when using initial focus in editable grid form (View).
Fixed issue on required field validation with multi upload fields.
 Performance improvement
Modified the layout of advanced filter in grid application.
Fixed issue when clicking on folder “HelpCase” in Images Manager used on HelpCase.
Fixed issue in interface after link application at HelpCase.
Fixed issue when recreating tables with prefix through the security module.
Fixed issue in groups of Firebird connections in the data dictionary.
Fixed problem in navigation after adding records into a form connected to another form.
Fixed issue when using checkbox fields in forms with automatic lookup.
Fixed issue when using checkbox fields updating more of one value on the form.
Fixed issue when using the option to convert letter on Report PDF.
Fixed issue when using sc_appmenu_update_item macro.
Fixed issue when using sub select with a field in report PDF.
Fixed issue when using the Database Builder to modify the table.
Fixed problem in displaying the Finish connection button to create a new project.
Fixed display problem with global variables commented, in the interface.
Fixed problem when publishing an application with the French language.
Fixed issue of indexes in the production environment.
Fixed issue when using form with drop down in Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Fixed problem with alignment of blocks to enable tree view.

ScriptCase v8.0.022 - 12-02-2014 21:30

 New functionalities
Added option to display the month spelled out in fields date with combo box in the filter.
 Specific correction
Fixed problem with misalignment in the summary using several breaks, in XLS export.
Fixed problem in the script to criticize existing dependencies with 3 or more foreign keys.
Fixed problem when using initial focus in an auto-complete field.
Fixed problem in the fields of date format when used with multi upload in the form.
Fixed problem of invalid characters when using the characters allowed in the form.
Fixed problem in PDF report using text field multiple lines in the header.
Fixed problem when using onMouseOver and/or onMouseOut events on the form.
Fixed problem in the label and hint configuration at HelpCase button form.
Fixed problem in applications count when done the decrement of a project.
Fixed problem with link type option on Google Maps field.
Fixed problem increase earlier version of a project.
Fixed problem in tab behavior with Enter in multiple line fields.
Fixed problem when using slide orientation with consecutive blocks in the grid application.
Fixed problem when inserting values in decimal fields with 16 or more characters.
Fixed problem when using JavaScript in label and/or HTML editor fields.
Fixed problem in tab behavior with Enter in SELECT fields.

ScriptCase v8.0.021 - 11-25-2014 14:10

 Specific correction
Fixed problem in the global variables untreated quotes in SQL.
 Performance improvement
Improved performance during installation ScriptCase.
Fixed problem with values processed in onHeader event with XLS export.
Fixed problem at the interface of procedure applications.

ScriptCase v8.0.018 - 11-17-2014 20:02

 Specific correction
Fixed crash problem when accessing the menu application in firefox. (Will be necessary to clear the browser cache)

Fixed crash problem when accessing the HelpCase.

Fixed problem using calculator in form application.
Fixed problem in theme of code editor in library.

ScriptCase v8.0.017 - 11-14-2014 17:13

 New functionalities
Added option to group by per date or date/time in DATETIME and TIMESTAMP fields.
Added directory to see all tasks in TO-DO list.
Added tasks search in TO-DO list.
Added files list in “Include HelpCase” option in HelpCase.
Added treatment for save changes, when exiting of a modified file, in HelpCase.
Added themes option in events editor, templantes and libraries.
Added filename and file path above HelpCase editor
 Specific correction
Fixed problem in settings loss of group by and totalization when changing the application SQL.
Fixed problem in charset settings, in production environment, for MySQL PDO connection.

(Need to update the production environment.)

Fixed problem in form applications when using field link type, with empty value in primary key.
Fixed problem when attributing a value to a datetime field and using the “Copy” button.
Fixed problem in mask of date field, in dynamic search with the chart module enabled.
Fixed problem in blocks exibition, with tabs, when are without fields.
Fixed problem when renaming applications that are referenced in several links.
Fixed problem in auto-complete of the search, of grid application.
Fixed problem in log module when incrementing projects.
Fixed problem when using variables as parameters, in sc_field_readonly macro.
Fixed problem in formatting of TIMESTAMP field in summary, using oracle connections.
Fixed problem when using search events of grid applications, inheriting for the grid application.
Fixed problem in auto-complete of dynamic search, when disabling the search module of grid application.
Fixed problem in number auto-comple fields in advanced search.
 Performance improvement
Improvement in HelpCase layout and performance.
Fixed problem when updating a label field as filename, without being displayed in insert.
Fixed problem in drag n’ drop of dynamic group by with a long text in the label of the field.
Fixed problem in icon of chart application when generating the sourcecode of application.
Fixed problem in resizing of the screen in Internet Explorer, with files editor of HelpCase.
Fixed problem when adding images inside menu’s folders of HelpCase.
Fixed problem when linking a file to an application, in a project that hasn’t applications, in HelpCase.
Fixed problem when using a lang along with a text in the label of dynamic group by.

ScriptCase v8.0.015 - 10-30-2014 19:06

 New functionalities
Added Timezone configuration in the general settings on Scriptcase.
Added Timezone configuration in the Scriptcase’s production environment.
Added Timezone configuration in the ScriptCase installation.
 Specific correction
Fixed issue using the macros sc_connection_edit and sc_connection_new when used in the production environment.
Fixed display issue of values ​​in DATETIME columns when there is a grid lookup.
Fixed issue in the char application when the searches results in records not found.
Fixed problem when using PROCEDURES on multiple records and editable grids Forms.
Fixed problem in macro sc_apl_conf when used on mobile devices.
Fixed problem in the alignment of the totalization when using dynamic Group By.
Fixed issue when generating a form with fields running position on the block, using the macro sc_field_display.
Fixed problem in back button to edit a record from a Grid of an express creation, accessed on mobile devices.
Fixed problem creating the log module using Firebird connection.
Fixed problem inserting images into BLOB fields in Oracle ODBC connection.
Fixed problem on the button to display the INSERT commands in the list of project applications.
Fixed problem executing SQL on forms with fields named with numbers.
Fixed the display issue on the custom messages in the SQL configuration from Chart applications.
Fixed issue in the footer toolbar, when the form has the block with the calendar fields.
Fixed issue from date and time fields set to null when using the Copy button.
Fixed issue when clicking the “New button” in the Grid application initiated by the filter, which has a link to a form inside an iframe.
Fixed problem with cursor buttons disabled in the Scriptcase themes.
Fixed issue in the HTML editor field to limit the amount of characters to display.
Fixed problem when using an intreger field (bigint) in terms of grid applications using advanced search.
Fixed problem deleting old versions of the project.
Fixed issue on the “warning to save” after leaving the settings from header, footer and summary without saving changes.
Fixed issue in the language files in the conversion.
Fixed issue when returning values ​​in date fields in the search onScriptInit event.
Fixed problem displaying fields when the table is named with lower case in Firebird.

ScriptCase v8.0.014 - 10-16-2014 22:05

 New functionalities
Added Advanced filter and regular filter in the chart application.
 Specific correction
Fixed issues in the Helpcase’s HTML editor on Linux environments.
Fix MSSQL PDO using “DISTINCT” in the sql command.
Fixed problem when using the special condition “All Period” in DateTime types of field.
Fixed issues when creating a PHP method on Scriptcase interface without any attributes.
Adjustments in example projects.

ScriptCase v8.0.013 - 10-09-2014 22:25

 New functionalities
Added the version number in the name of backup file.
Added option to remove the schema before the tables in the data dictionary.
 Specific correction
Fixed on Windows installer, Oracle’s problem to connect with the environment of instant client installed environment. (You will need to reinstall the environment).
Fixed problem in blocks configured as tabs with master / detail.
Fixed problem in the size of ID field on Google+.
Fixed issue when starting an application as a chart.
Fixed issue when running the dynamic filter on the summary.
Fixed problem in condition between two values ​​of the filter.
Fixed issue when viewing the details of a grid with master / detail.
Fixed problem when browsing the grid of a master / detail.
Fixed problem in ODBC Oracle connection.
Fixed conflicts in ajax events.

ScriptCase v8.0.012 - 10-03-2014 09:22

 Specific correction
Fixed problem in the filter autocomplete when using the capture option.
Fixed issue when saving settings in lookup applications.
Adjustments in example projects.
Fixed problem adding events on the calendar application on mobile devices.

ScriptCase v8.0.011 - 09-26-2014 19:55

Fixed the problem on the exportation buttons visualization.

ScriptCase v8.0.010 - 09-26-2014 01:03

 New functionalities
Added support to TOP function for MS SQL Server databases.
 Specific correction
Fixed problem using DATETIME fields with special conditions in the filter.
Fixed problem when searching for DATE type virtual fields in the filter.
Fixed problem when importing the samples projects on the MS Access database.
Fixed problem when using the macro sc_set_language in the onApplicationInit event.
Fixed problem when using the macro sc_set_regional in the onApplicationInit event.

ScriptCase v8.0.009 - 09-19-2014 12:03

 New functionalities
Added SSL support to recover ScriptCase password.
Added SFTP support for projects deployment.
 Specific correction
Fixed issue with the visualization of Views for MS Access connection.
Fixed issue in view of Google Maps on mobile devices.
Fixed issue in master/detail navigation when used grid as detail.
Fixed issue when using floating menu with toolbar.
Fixed issue with visualization of abbreviated values in the charts.
Fixed issue in the search from the Grid QuickSearch using ENTER.
Fixed problem when generating source code from the sync tables screen in the forms.

ScriptCase v8.0.007 - 09-04-2014 23:17

 New functionalities
Added a configuration option to sort the fields in the Grid application.

(Use the fields displayed in the query, Using columns defined in the Columns or Customize the definition of the fields)

Added option to hide the menu when you click on any menu item for desktop and mobile.
Added option to hide the menu on desktop and start the menu in mobile mode.
Added option to show the floating menu when the normal menu is hidden for desktop and mobile menu.
 Specific correction
Fixed problem when using lookup in onApplicationInit event.
Fixed issue when updating records in the form on mobile devices.
Fixed problem using Ajax events on mobile devices.
Fixed issue with auto complete fields in forms applications with format multiple record and editable grids.
Fixed issue in the theme images of converted applications.
Fixed issue when cleaning the form’s QuickSearch from a multiple records type.
Fixed problem in positioning the message “Processing ..” when used in Ajax events.
Fixed problem when using the summary on every page of the Grid application.
Fixed issue when accessing a project with locked version.

ScriptCase v8.0.006 - 08-27-2014 21:39


 New functionalities
Added new auto complete component for forms, controls, dynamic searches and advanced searches.
Added new option for editor menu CSS for background images of the menu line.
 Specific correction
Fixed problem with the columns and sort buttons to start the grid by the filter.
Fixed problem importing Scriptcase 8 projects.
Fixed problem with error after accessing Scriptcase.
Fixed problem to list tables with MySQL PDO connection in publishing environment with PHP 5.5.
Fixed problem in grouping buttons after conversion.
Fixed problem on processing Ajax in form and control applications to access for mobile.
Fixed problem deleting a record in the application form when the filter resulted in a single record.
Fixed problem setting the background image in the CSS editor menu.
Fixed problem with ENTER submit the advanced search.
Fixed problem with tabular ENTER in dynamic search and advanced search.
Fixed problem setting links in the HTML image fields.
Fixed problem in macro sc_master_value on event onApplicationInit into forms.

ScriptCase v8.0.005 - 08-21-2014 21:18

 Specific correction
Fixed problem of duplicate data entry form with the dynamic search.
Fixed problem to view the onRecord event in the Report PDF applications.
Fixed problem with export in the chart application.
Fixed problem when restoring applications with specific connection.

ScriptCase v8.0.004 - 08-15-2014 20:14

 Specific correction
Fixed issue the “Internal Server Error” in Linux environments during automatic update. (Required reinstall Scriptcase on Linux environments)
Fixed issue when changing items in the menu tree application.
Fixed issue with navigation buttons in Forms applications linked to Grids applications.
Fixed problem in SMTP configuration during the creation of the security module.
Fixed issue when generating Grid applications in PDF mode when starting by the filter.
Fixed problem when using “the use password” option in the security of grid application.

ScriptCase v8.0.003 - 08-13-2014 23:10

 New functionalities
Added option to use more than one field in the metric of option for chart applications.
 Specific correction
Fixed issue when using specific connection in a lookup in text type of fields.
Fixed problem displaying blocks on mobile devices.
Fixed problem when authenticating users accessing forms through mobile devices.
Fixed issue when adding empty items in the tree menu.
Fixed issue in the menu’s theme preview in the menu’s settings.
Fixed issue displaying the sub groups buttons when the application was generated with charts.
Fixed issue when changing the format during the from generation.
Fixed issue on the chart’s link when it has more than one dimension.
Fixed problem removing the “Number of Records” option in metric section on Chart applications.
Fixed issue when adding empty buttons on the menu’s toolbar.
Fixed problem in using the macro sc_reset_global in the security module.
Fixed issue in the control application status after change the fields configuration.

ScriptCase v8.0.002 - 08-07-2014 23:51

 New functionalities

Added option to use SSL on SMTP in the creation of the security module.

Specific correction

Fixed syntax error when clicking on the detail of the Grid.
Fixed accented words of the Report PDF in converted applications.


Fixed SQL error using virtual fields in the search of the Grid.
Fixed display of images in the preview of the menu after conversion.
Fixed option to use layout (re-sizing) in the treemenu.
Fixed issue after changing values ​​in the format of the form.
Fixed error when restoring backup containing tasks on TO DO.
Fixed behavior on the menu application using macro sc_menu_disable on mobile devices.
Fixed security behavior in the menu items on mobile devices.
Fixed behavior of dynamic menu (using macros) on mobile devices.

ScriptCase v8.0.001 - 08-01-2014 15:09

New functionalities

Added new options for alignment and positioning of the number of pages on pdf export. This option is available in the PDF export settings.

Specific correction

Fixed issue in published applications when accessed on mobile devices. (You will need to generate the source from the applications and deploy it again).
Fixed issue in navigation and update from radio button, checkbox and select configured as a manual lookup.
Fixed issue when creating express applications with PostgreSQL connection.


Fixed problem accessing the group by buttons, sorting and columns when running from the menu application.
Fixed problem with syntax error, unexpected ‘<’ when generating a double select field in the control application.
Fixed problem generating the autocomplete from text and number fields with the option to capture text in dynamic folder

ScriptCase v8.0.000 - 07-25-2014 07:17

New functionalities

Added a new option to group the toolbar buttons
Added a new feature to send/receive messages between users from the same Scriptcase installation
Implemented a new tool to manage all images from Scriptcase
Created a new tool that create TO-DO lists between users from the same Scriptcase installation
Now, the Form application adjusts itself automatically when accessed in a browser by a mobile device
Added a new configuration interface from Form and Grid applications
Implemented a new feature that allows the search, group by and filter to be set up dynamically by the end user.
Created a new chart application
Added a new tool to edit the char themes
Implemented improvements on the calendar application
Created a new tool to import ACCESS files, CSV and XLS to MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and MSSQL databases
Implemented a Dynamic Search on Form Applications
Added support for TCPDF class in Report PDF application and language Arabic .

Performance improvement

Improvements on the Scriptcase performance

ScriptCase v7.1.021 - 04-28-2014 13:40

New functionalities
Added new languages: Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Ukrainian and Belarusian


Problem using an empty title in a Radio field with manual lookup.
Problem upon formatting Decimal fields in the criticize of ajax events.

ScriptCase v7.1.020 - 04-15-2014 13:50

New functionalities
Added new regional settings

Belarus (russia).
Kazakhstan (russia)
Botswana (English)
Cameroon (English)
Uganda (English)
Zambia (English)
Zimbabwe (English)
French (Cameroon)
Romanian (Moldavia)

Added new language Latvian (Latvia).

Fixed problem in the value informed in the normal conditions of the filter. It was being replicated to the special conditions.
Fixed problem in the navigation of applications that were using Document (Database) field, charset UTF-8 and files named with: ç, ã, â, à, á and ‘.

ScriptCase v7.1.019 - 04-07-2014 19:48

New functionalities

Added a new sample system: Documents Library.


Fixed issue in the multiupload field, when the form has a criticize of dependencies.

ScriptCase v7.1.018 - 03-20-2014 17:00

New functionalities
Added new language: Malay.
Fixed the SQL Server scripts of samples projects.
Fixed the option “Return after inclusion”, when the button “Lines” is enabled on the form.

ScriptCase v7.1.017 - 03-13-2014 17:35

Specific correction

Fixed SQL problems of example projects for Firebird database.


Fixed error when using the connection parameters with global variables, the link button type, using the modal property.

ScriptCase v7.1.016 - 02-19-2014 20:15

New functionalities

Added background image position in the advanced settings of the theme.

Specific correction

Fixed error in the “Return after insert” option of the Forms.

ScriptCase v7.1.015 - 02-18-2014 11:49

New functionalities
Added new sample project to recruitments tracker
Fixed problem accessing an application that needs to inform the value of the variable.
Fixed problem recovering special characters in ajax events.
Fixed issue when using Turkish characters in ReportPDF.
Fixed bug in the filter conditions using TIMESTAMP in PostgreSQL.
Fixed problem with empty WHERE clause when searching for just the time in a TIMESTAMP field using the conditions Starting with, Contains and Does not contain.
Fixed problem with replicated values in the normal conditions when selecting special conditions.
Fixed problem in the date format in the events of PHP button.

ScriptCase v7.1.014 - 01-08-2014 17:32

New functionalities
Added support to PHP variables in the variable parameter of sc_link
Ej.: $var = name;
sc_link (field , $ var , company = [ cpny ] , “My name”, ” iframeR” );
Added support to choose which projects will be converted during the conversion.
Added support for output parameters to stored procedures with MySQL.
Fixed problem when using the macro sc_getfield ( ) within a Javascript button.
Fixed issue when using the macro sc_lookup in the onApplicationInit of a Menu application.
Fixed problem when using copies of Scriptcase templates in the applications.
Fixed problem when using titles in radio fields with manual lookup.
Fixed problem when using background image in PDF Report application.
Fixed bug in navigation when using macro sc_redir in master / detail.
Fixed problem when using the macro sc_groupby_label in onGroupBy event.
Fixed issue when using the macro sc_field_display in fields of blocks with 2 or more columns.
Fixed issue on the ” Check all ” option of Checkbox fields of a Filter.
Fixed issue on the interface to use global variables in the onFinish event of a RUN button.

ScriptCase v7.1.013 - 12-09-2013 14:39

New functionalities
Added the search condition “Not Contains” for the Filter and QuickSearch.
Fixed bug when using the GET method for global variables in the Blank application.
Fixed issue in the search conditions ‘Starting with” and “Contains” in date fields when using the PostgreSQL connection.
Fixed issue in the search conditions ‘Starting with” and “Contains” in date fields when using the Firebird connection.
Fixed issue in the search conditions ‘Starting with” and “Contains” in date fields when using the Oracle connection.

ScriptCase v7.1.012 - 11-28-2013 21:00

Fixed problem when using \e in the date values of the header or footer with PHP 5.4.
Fixed problem when using Ajax processing in more than 3 fields in the filter.
Fixed bug to startup the Apache service after installing Scriptcase in Mac OS environments.
Fixed problem to hide the menu item when using the mobile menu option.
Fixed issue when deleting a virtual field with Totals and Group By.

ScriptCase v7.1.011 - 11-22-2013 15:58

New functionalities
Added to MS SQL Server extension in Windows installer.
Fixed problem in the application linking of the security module for fields named with Chinese characters.
Fixed issue in fields DATE / TIME of the filter in Report PDF application, when the regional settings are customized.
Fixed problem in the N-N Relations using the object as a radio.
Fixed problem generating the application with global variables commented.
Fixed problem displaying the settings for PDF exporting when using iframe in Tab applications.
Fixed problem upon changes in the master / detail form using a Grid application.
Fixed problem in the option “submitting in the onchange” for DATE / TIME fields of a Filter.
Fixed issue in the chart and line settings of virtual fields of the Grid.
Fixed problem in the Application Search feature.
Fixed problem in the parameter “field_readonly” of the macro “sc_apl_conf”.
Fixed problem in the button “Chart settings” when we unselect the option “Horizontal Total”.
Fixed problem in visibility of disabled buttons, creating buttons.

ScriptCase v7.1.010 - 11-06-2013 22:19

New functionalities
Added support for PHP 5.4 in Scriptcase.
Linux installer now supports RedHat and Ubuntu 13.
Display of file names after select them to upload.
Fixed problem when displaying a background image into the blocks of the form.
Fixed issue when performing a search by using the “exactly equal” in the filter with PostgreSQL.
Fixed issue with the message “log scheme already exist” upon saving changes in the log module.
Fixed problem in the button to generate a preview of the bar code field.
Fixed problem in the limit of allowed extensions for file fields.
Fixed issue when saving changes in the summary settings using Group By with more than one field named with blank spaces.
Fixed issue when performing quick searches using PostgreSQL.
Fixed bug in validation of hidden fields in the update or insert , using the macro sc_error_message.
Fixed problem when exporting applications named with hyphen , comma or plus.
Fixed bug in the PDF exports of a Grid that is using Group By in Linux environments.

ScriptCase v7.1.009 - 10-02-2013 11:01

New functionalities
Added IP configuration for temporary PDF files external directory.
(Update of the production environment is needed)
Added display the QuickSearch in a master/detail’s Grid.
Added name treatment of downloaded files on document fields with exclamation marks (!), Comma (,), period (.), Hyphen (-), plus (+), single quote (‘) and spaces.
Fixed problem on the RUN button processing the when using the option to display GroupBy labels.
Fixed issue when navigating between charts when the option to display a summary of all the pages is enabled.
Fixed problem when exporting PDF of a editable grid (view) master/detail form.
Fixed problem in generating a form when using library classes.
Fixed problem in Ajax event while processing a field with display mask.
Fixed issue document fields when downloading files with plus signs (+) in the name.
Fixed problem in modal window size when exporting PDF with RTL language.
Fixed problem in the “records to display” button in a master/detail.
Fixed issue document fields when downloading files with spaces in the name.
Fixed issue document fields when downloading files with single quotation marks (‘) on the name.
Fixed problem displaying the Support page on Firefox when accessed from Scriptcase’s menu.

ScriptCase v7.1.008 - 09-20-2013 14:32

Fixed the duplicity problem of the and tags when using the macro sc_redir in a RUN button.
Fixed issue when using tabs with normal organization and menu orientation.
Fixed problem when using master / detail block starting collapsed on Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Fixed problem displaying date / time format for Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong)
Fixed bug in calendar application, when naming the tables created by Scriptcase with reserved words.
Fixed problem when using the option to display the summary on the last page.
Fixed problem displaying a master/detail with pages and blocks.
Fixed spacing problem when concatenating curly brackets.

ScriptCase v7.1.007 - 09-09-2013 19:01

Changed the default JS execution time in PDF export settings.
Fixed problem when displaying a Master / Detail in a tab block.

ScriptCase v7.1.006 - 09-05-2013 19:32

New functionalities
Included new IIS integrated authentication variables for PDF export: [sc_iis_usr] and [sc_iis_pw]
Fixed loss of files on required multiupload fields after the form validation fails.
Fixed problem with iframe height in a master-detail application on Google Chrome.
Fixed bug in on accentuation validation on a text field “allowed characters” settings.
Fixed issue after using PDF Export on a summary with charts on top of the same page.
Fixed issue when generating an form application without blocks to be displayed.
Fixed problem in GroupBy titles when using LTR languages​​.
Fixed problem when using help hint with LTR languages​​.
Fixed problem when using language variables on the label and request field labels on a CSV export.
Fixed problem when using language index, the label capture a field auto-complete.
Fixed undefined variable generating the source code of a renamed application with links.
Fixed button placement on the creation of projects, in “languages” step.
Fixed problem in the N-N relationship interface, on the “filter” step.
Fixed problem in the N-N relationship interface, on the “lookup display” step.
Fixed bug on navigation buttons while using LTR languages​​.

ScriptCase v7.1.005 - 08-26-2013 15:44

New functionalities
Added message to synchronize the charset of the project and database when it’s incompatible, while creating a PostgreSQL or MySQL connection.
Fixed issue in the description of the alignment options for the grid application fields. (project default values)
Fixed problem on an “User defined” grid application when using the subfolder option of an “image (file name)” field.
Fixed issue when using global variable in the SQL Statement of a N-N relationship if the “filter” option is enabled.
Fixed issue to show alignment fields for the project default values.
Fixed the problem when displaying fields’ with accentuation using UTF-8 on the HTML Editor.
Fixed the problem on the the production environment path when deploying an editable grid form with modal.
Fixed the issue when using an empty GroupBy rule with a calculated field on the grid applications.

ScriptCase v7.1.004 - 08-14-2013 18:22

New functionalities
Added new option to show link to charts on pivot Summary.
Added port field in PostgreSQL connection properties on the production environment.
Fixed issue when changing the SQL of a Grid application when there are columns with mathematical functions.
Fixed issue when changing the SQL query by concatenating fields.
Fixed problem accessing the PostgreSQL bases using username other than default.
Fixed problem when using Group Label in the Summary of a Grid Application.
Fixed issue on the Android/Blue Menu Theme.
Fixed problem when using apostrophe values with sc_link macro.
Fixed bug in application output URL when defined in the field link properties.
Fixed issue uppon clicking to export a query as Microsoft Word file in Google Chrome.
Fixed problem with preview pictures (File Name) with subdirectory on applications with more than a thousand records.
Fixed issue on Grid Applications with default GroupBy rule without group, when this Grid was configured to start by filter with Summary as initial module.
Fixed error when viewing a report of project applications per folder.
Fixed problem accessing Scriptcase with an user that has all privileges but Administration.
Fixed problem with friendly URL when copying an application into the same project.
Fixed issue when importing application with friendly URL on a project that already contains the same URL.
Fixed problem displaying blocks when changing a form from Editable Grid to Single Record.
Fixed problem when setting the option to use password once in Menu Applications.
Fixed issue when compiling new applications when they have a link just configured.

ScriptCase v7.1.003 - 08-06-2013 19:01

Fixed problem when deploying a Grid starting by the filter if it is using iframe.
Fixed problem in the RUN button after changing the quantity of records in a Grid with Ajax support.
Fixed bug in the Scriptcase session after compiling applications.
Fixed issue when deploying a project via FTP.
Fixed an interface problem when renaming a folder on the home screen of the project.
Fixed issue about the amount of characters in the user password of Scriptcase.
Fixed problem to convert applications after upgrade Scriptcase to version 7.1
Fixed problem in the languages of Scriptcase after install it.

ScriptCase v7.1.002 - 08-01-2013 19:02

New functionalities
Added SQL error handling for Oracle database when compiling the source code.
Fixed problem with Ajax processing in the Filter of Grid applications.
Fixed problem when synchronizing applications with the data dictionary.
Fixed an interface problem after performing Express Creation on Google Chrome.
Fixed problem when displaying detail records in a master detail.
Fixed problem in the link of document (database and file name) fields in the Grid application.

ScriptCase v7.1.001 - 07-31-2013 16:44

Specific correction
Fixed issue in the generation of applications according to the type of license.
Fixed serialize error during access to Scriptcase.

ScriptCase v7.1.000 - 07-30-2013 22:32

New functionalities
Added option in general settings of Scriptcase administration, for applications’ quantity to be compiled at the same time. (Threads)
Added Ajax support for grid applications.
Added toolbar customization tool of tools by the user in the configuration menu of Scriptcase.
Added friendly URL option in the project’s Home area of applications’ list.
Added friendly URL option in general settings.
Added an option to use index in the project’s properties.
Added an option to create links to do query or sub charts (more than one field by group) in the abstract’s graphic settings.
Added configurable graph option to end user in the graphics’ settings summary.
Added option to request the password only once on the application security settings.
Fixed issue in creating applications using special fields with PostgreSQL PDO.
Fixed problem in recovering SQL type with special fields using JOIN in PostgreSQL with PDO.
Fixed handling for application names with special characters. (, . + -)
Fixed problem when editing project with very large image.
Fixed issue in amending validate mask after changing the field type.
Fixed the data dictionary issue to synchronize the header summary.
Fixed problem in the description of summary’s aggregation.
Fixed issue in the implementation of a security module Scriptcase installed with SQL Server ODBC.
Fixed issue when using JOIN on tables with space on the SQL Server.
Fixed issue in fields’ types recovery using JOIN with PostgreSQL.
Fixed problem when updating date and time to a field in the editable grid (view) form without editing by modal.
Fixed problem when editing a record in the Grid Editable form (View) added in the security module.
Fixed problem when editing the security module languages.
Fixed issue with image or document (File Name) after updating a record, other records overwritten when updated.
Fixed broken characters in the wrong path message during conversion.
Fixed issue in special fields with lookup Analyzer.
Fixed issue in QuickSearch of master detail using numeric field as the key.
Fixed issue for required field in the PDF Report filter.
Fixed issue in the detail for “QuickSearch” in the master detail application.
Fixed non-existent record message on the choose form’s record source.
Fixed log module’s language when changed from the security module.
Fixed interface to edit a project’s language charset.Corrigido interface ao editar charset dos idiomas de um projeto.
Fixed individual treatment to the bank in the filter and in the query.
Fixed Group Label option on the abstract in the reloading of a query.
Fixed problem with modules’ reloading of grid‘s general configuration.
Fixed problem in deleting a GroupBy rule after update interface.
Fixed issue in Scriptcase administration log.
Fixed error when manually installing Scriptcase for MySQL 5.6.12.