Scriptcase features

Php Forms

Create a form in PHP with Scriptcase is really simple. With the project created and connected database, simply select the table where the data is stored and with the help of a ready component automatically you have created fields with validators and masks according to the type of field that is configured in the database data. In a few clicks you create a form independent of the size of it, this functionality is a differential that greatly helps in productivity gains in projects WEB.

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ScriptCase assists the user to create forms using blocks, tabs, multiple records, editable grid and other resources through a wizard with just a few clicks.


Editable Grid in PHP

Learn how ScriptCase can help you develop your web applications in PHP with more agility using Editable Grid in PHP .
The Editable Grid component enables you to edit multiple records at once. Allows you to create order processing, inventory, items, shopping carts and any other type of example input multiple records.


Php reports

ScriptCase helps you to generate reports in PHP to quickly and conveniently. In a few clicks you create a php report, in addition you can perform export reports in various formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF, DOC, and others. Do you want to optimize your development time of reports in php? Try ScriptCase now.
ScriptCase offers dynamic forms to submit reports, such as data grouping, totals, cross-checking, among other features.


Php Charts (HTML5)

Using Scriptcase you quickly creates your charts in PHP. Using components of our tool you can from a data source, create charts of various kinds. Among the charts in PHP you can create highlight the pie chart and line chart to be the most used. Our chart generator HTML also has several other options to help you get more quality for your projects.

Download now our free version and check out all the advantages that only Scriptcase can provide for you.

Php custom code, macros and libraries

Applications generated with ScriptCase can be easily extended by adding custom code or by using any of the available ScriptCase macros.

php custom code

Chart generation

New functionality to generate grid applications charts. Now is also possible to create applications that display only the chart without the need to navigate from grid data to the chart page.

php chart generation

Php searching, sorting and browsing

ScritpCase allows the final user to search, sort and browse data dynamically. It is possible to create search pages to use with grids and forms.

php sort browse