Publicat la data 16-10-2018

Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed problem in totalization when updating record linked to opening form in a new window.
  • Fixed frame width problem when clicking on the menu tab.
  • Fixed problem in menu tab navigation.
  • Fixed problem in button freeze when performing Onchange Ajax processing.
  • Fixed problem in title when renaming files in helpcase.
  • Fixed problem when using select2 field on a form that has linking to another.
  • Fixed problem in project name in minor resolutions.
  • Fixed problem in the interpretation of tags in auto-complete fields, using the sc_concat macro.
  • Fixed problem in the view of type select2 field, initially configured as hidden.
  • Fixed SQL error after running the grid run button, containing a calculated field.
  • Fixed problem in looukp query processing using multi-valued option.
  • Fixed problem with the „back” button of the calendar when connected through a search application.