Publicat la data 10-10-2018

Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed problem in the label preview in CSV export, using the macro „sc_field_display”.
  • Fixed problem with „exit URL” security settings option in menu, tab, and blank application.
  • Fixed problem when using capture text in auto-complete fields without Select2.
  • Fixed problem in CHARSET of fields when loading application settings in side menu.
  • Fixed problem when using help settings in HTML Editor fields.
  • Fixed problem using more than one link for more than one widget on the dashboard.
  • Fixed problem when creating applications in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed SQL error, in XLS export, on group by with empty values.
  • Fixed problem when selecting the special conditions of the search, using the french language.
  • Fixed problem with height resizing in Ajax event editor.
  • Fixed problem when using the sc_field_color macro in Report PDF applications.
  • Fixed problem using Google Maps field, hiding columns with latitude and longitude in the grid.
  • Fixed problem in print export of grid with group by.
  • Fixed problem when using date fields with no regional setting in dynamic search with special conditions.
  • Fixed problem in the required field message fields with date/time field using calendar component.