Publicat la data 17-05-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Added support for global variables in reCaptcha and Captcha fields.
  • Added capture link in tags filter.
  • Updated new component of the SPIN option of the Form.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue in navigating the Grid using the Internet Explorer 11 browser.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling issue in SQL Builder with results with many columns.
  • Fixed error in SQL, when changing charset in the creation of the application.
  • Fixed issue when using a global variable in sql Grid fields.
  • Fixed issue in aligning numeric fields in GridEditable forms.
  • Fixed issue in the display of the option „Validation Image” in the field of type „data”, configured as mandatory.
  • Fixed issue in displaying the mandatory field message in ajax in date field in Forms.
  • Fixed issue in SELECT, RADIO and CHECKBOX fields using manual lookup in HTML controls.
  • Fixed issue when creating Grid applications using SQL functions without aliasing.
  • Fixed issue when creating Grid applications using queries like SELECT * table.
  • Fixed issue in the menu when using the toolbar buttons with the „hide menu” option. The buttons were not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue using URL without „” in Google Maps fields.
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA validation on Form update.
  • Fixed error in running a Grid using JOIN on Access type connections.
  • Fixed problem in Search of QuickSearch containing apostrophe.
  • Fixed CSRF Token error in applications opened within the menu tabs.
  • Corrected problem using the „Use Password” option in the security of applications that used connections. The applications that received the connection were loaded by requesting the password again.