Publicat la data 10-01-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Added option to display the background image of the pdf report when no record is found. This option is available in the SQL interface menu.
  • Added option for the positioning of the registration message that does not exist in the PDF Report. This option is available in the SQL interface menu.
  • Added dropdown support in SELECT filter fields.
  • Added support for complex SQL in Auto-complete fields.
Modificări și îmbunătățiri
  • Fixed issue in the „Group Label” view in the forms, when there was a hidden field in the application.
  • Fixed issue in sorting’s layout configuration of Summary when changing order of fields from Group by.
  • Fixed issue in the menu layout when using the „hide menu” option in the Edge and I.E 11 browsers.
  • Fixed issue generating a Subselect field in pdf report application in php 7.1 environments
  • Fixed issue when cleaning refined filter search in fields named as length.
  • Fixed issue in PDF export support using grids with custom layout from events.
  • Fixed issue in color views of the negative values ​​of the Summary.
  • Fixed issue in viewing the size of the buttons in the bindings of the iframe Grid type.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Adjustments in the fields verification condition in the multiupload option.
  • Fixed issue using empty paragraph tag in HTML editor.
  • Fixed JS issue when clicking on links from image fields in Grid.
  • Fixed issue using function keys in Firefox.
  • Fixed issue when using color html field with color palette on horizontal forms.
  • Fixed issue in exporting Excel from array Summary.
  • Fixed issue in XLS and XML export when referencing some field of type „date” in onGroupByAll events.
  • Fixed line break issue in „multi line” fields in PDF Report application, when using the convert letter option.
  • Fixed bug when using link button in editable Grid form (view).