Publicat la data 26-12-2017

Funcționalități noi
  • Added new values ​​in the „negative currency format” option in the total fields of the summary.
  • Added grid navigation configuration support from master / detail.
  • Added support for YEAR fields.
  • Added support for Nested Grids in Grid details.
  • Implemented support to macro „sc_format_num” in the onrecord event of the grid, using summary fields.
  • Added „port” option in SFTP publishing settings.
  • Added port data entry for DB2 connection.
Modificări și îmbunătățiri
  • Fixed issue when converting Access tables that have images.
  • Fixed issue in the initial execution of pyramid and 2D funnel charts.
  • Fixed issue when using subselect command in field lookup.
  • Fixed issue when running operations directly in the application’s SQL.
  • Fixed issue using „Use ENTER to Submit” option in dynamic filter settings.
  • Adjustments in the Nested Grid css when using the title option on the same row.
  • Fixed issue in view of the buttons size on the iframe type connections.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue in viewing the records in the calendar by checking the option „all day”. The schedule showed less 1 day.
  • Fixed issue in formatting millisecond fields.
  • Fixed duplicate data insertion problem with dynamic search.
  • Fixed issue when using the database session option in the post.
  • Fixed issue in viewing calendar time on Oracle connections.
  • Fixed issue in the Themes view of the tree menu. The tree menu was not inheriting the Themes css.
  • Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call a member function Execute () when using the sc_lookup macro in the ReportPdf application onHeader event.
  • Fixed issue in the informed value of the negative field of manual lookup of the multiple selection fields.
  • Fixed issue in viewing calendar records on Access database connections.
  • Fixed issue when using the menu toolbar with image type buttons.
  • Fixed issue when using link button in Editable Grid Form (view).
  • Fixed issue in pdf export when printing mode was configured for economic.