Publicat la data 17-11-2017

Funcționalități noi
  • Improved responsiveness of the calendar application toolbar.
Modificări și îmbunătățiri
  • Adjustments made in the „Characters Allowed” field alignment in the field settings of type „Text”.
  • Fixed issue using global variables in sc_exec_sql macro.
  • Fixed issue in retrieving data types when importing an excel file.
  • Fixed issue when editing the field that updates the application connection table „app_form_edit_users” generated by the security module.
  • Fixed issue when incrementing the version of a project, when there was a log module configured to the project.
  • Fixed issue when automatically identifying the unique keys of the Sqlite connections in the form.
  • Fixed issue using the sc_changed macro in the DATETIME field in the MSSQL SERVER connections.
  • Fixed issue when updating zip code in the onChange event, using autocomplete fields in assignments.
Îmbunătățiri performanță
  • Adjustments in the application creation interface when the table and field names exceed the input preview limits.
  • Removed white space in the html code generated by the form when there was a capture link.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue when using refined filter in field with alias in query with GROUP BY.
  • Fixed issue when using a field containing a capture link and an ajax event on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue using the sc_set_language macro in the onScriptInit and onApplicationInit events.
  • Fixed issue using the sc_error_exit () macro in the onValidate event of the filter.
  • Fixed issue in the calendar’s exit button display in deployed environments.
  • Fixed issue in visualizing the fields of the dynamic breaks in the totals of the grid.
  • Fixed issue in link of dynamic breaks using SQL with JOIN and fields using capital letters.
  • Fixed bug when adding another display field in summary filter lookup. You will need to clear your browser’s cache.
  • Corrected issue in the option „Create link in chart” of Grid chart.
  • Fixed issue in XLS and XML export when referencing some field of type „date” in onGroupByAll events.
  • Corrected issue in aligning the fields of the pdf report using the „record per line” type.
  • Fixed issue with line break in HTML editor fields with fields of type LONGBLOB.