Publicat la data 06-08-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Added option for the toolbar to inherit settings from project default values toolbar, using Express Edition feature.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
    • Layout improvement on new database connection creation within the Project Edit Connection feature.
    • Fixed issue in visualization of document icons on multi upload.
    • Fixed issue in blocking of buttons when using Ajax events between fields.
    • Fixed problem saving the project themes.
    • Fixed issue in data view, when navigating between records of auto-complete.
    • Fixed issue in buttons when using Grids within widgets in dashboard.
    • Fixed formatting problem in numerical values in export XLS.
    • Fixed problem with default values of the new features available in version 9.2
    • Fixed language of message ‘ close or Esc Key ‘ in modal. (Necessary to clean the browser cache)
    • Fixed issue in return for signature fields values, through the events in the control application.
    • Fixed issue when using option for indentation by space rather than in the events tab.
    • Fixed problem on inserting images into IMAGE columns with Sybase PDO connection.
    • Fixed error Invalid argument supplied for foreach () when saving settings.
    • Fixed error 2 = in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in generating query applications.