Publicat la data 25-05-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Added style support for CSS, LESS, SCSS, JS, HTML, XML and PHP code from the file extension used in the external library.
  • Added shortcut CTRL(CMD) + ALT + I for automatic indentation of selected code. You will need to clear your browser’s cache.
  • Added functionality to expand/collapse code blocks in the editor.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed problem in floating vertical menu, using toolbar.
  • Fixed problem in displaying the „Positive currency format” option in summary numeric fields.
  • Fixed problem in incrementing days in sc_date macro.
  • Fixed problem when viewing the image field in the form grid editable(View), shortly after a search in the QuickSearch filter.
  • Fixed problem in the application view procedure, when there were other connections other than the MS SQL Server connection.
  • Fixed problem saving chart themes.
  • Fixed problem when selecting value in capture link, in editable grid forms.
  • Fixed problem while clearing a QuickSearch search.
  • Fixed problem in form’s onChange Ajax event. The event was being processed 2 times.
  • Fixed problem in label filter when using fields with Ajax processing.

Publicat la data 17-05-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Added support for global variables in reCaptcha and Captcha fields.
  • Added capture link in tags filter.
  • Updated new component of the SPIN option of the Form.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue in navigating the Grid using the Internet Explorer 11 browser.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling issue in SQL Builder with results with many columns.
  • Fixed error in SQL, when changing charset in the creation of the application.
  • Fixed issue when using a global variable in sql Grid fields.
  • Fixed issue in aligning numeric fields in GridEditable forms.
  • Fixed issue in the display of the option „Validation Image” in the field of type „data”, configured as mandatory.
  • Fixed issue in displaying the mandatory field message in ajax in date field in Forms.
  • Fixed issue in SELECT, RADIO and CHECKBOX fields using manual lookup in HTML controls.
  • Fixed issue when creating Grid applications using SQL functions without aliasing.
  • Fixed issue when creating Grid applications using queries like SELECT * table.
  • Fixed issue in the menu when using the toolbar buttons with the „hide menu” option. The buttons were not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue using URL without „” in Google Maps fields.
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA validation on Form update.
  • Fixed error in running a Grid using JOIN on Access type connections.
  • Fixed problem in Search of QuickSearch containing apostrophe.
  • Fixed CSRF Token error in applications opened within the menu tabs.
  • Corrected problem using the „Use Password” option in the security of applications that used connections. The applications that received the connection were loaded by requesting the password again.

Publicat la data 09-05-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • Enabled the email export buttons in the Grid’s detail.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue in Access connections using password.
  • Fixed issue in menu events using strings.
  • Fixed charset issue when entering values in form Editable Grid view.
  • Fixed charset issue in the „Description” field in the calendar application when using ISO-8859-1 charset.
  • Fixed issue in the email API interface in the production environment. (You will need to update your production environment).
  • Fixed problem in typing the numeric fields by using the option complete with zeros.

Publicat la data 07-05-2018

Funcționalități noi
  • A new interface for managing APIs directly from Scriptcase with automatic integration with the email APIs services: Mailchimp, Mandrill and Amazon SES.
  • New Macros sc_call_api and sc_send_email_api for advanced implementations with APIs integration within Scriptcase events, control and blanks.
    Documentation: sc_call_api
    Documentation: sc_send_mail_api
  • New button to send emails from Grids, Pivot Tables and Charts with reports attached in PDF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, RTF, WORD or images. Push settings can easily be shown within the interface using SMTP, Amazon SES or Mandrill.SAMPLE
  • For Chart applications where added new settings to export to formats: XLS, XML, CSV, RTF, WORD and image;SAMPLE
  • For HTML and Images exports from Chart applications, it was added a new important option for Chart depth output selection, according to the metrics used.SAMPLE
  • New option for depth output selection to PDF exports within Grid Applications.
  • New dynamic tags for Advance Search module that allow you to select or manipulate the conditions and fields with ajax directly within the application with a simple and modern interface.SAMPLE
  • New configurations options that allows, for example, to add buttons within the Advanced Search form body.SAMPLE
  • In the Summary and Chart Search feature were added new relative period conditions to Filter: „Current week until today”, “Current quarter until today” and “year to date”.
  • New options for creating customized periods with related conditions directly within the Summary and Chats Filter interface. It gives you freedom to create special period of date.SAMPLE
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for performing basic functions of Scriptcase as: Generate the source code, Save application, Run, Closing/Opening tabs, access SQL Builder and others
  • New option to display Nested Grids as XLS export.
  • New setting to configure Chart original sorting values to and return to default state.
  • Scriptcase codes editor, used within the events, control and application blank with new options for viewing with lateral expansion or full screen code area and access to new themes.
  • Integration with shortcut keys from editors Emmet and Sublime Text, that is, the shortcut keys of these editors will be recognized within the Scriptcase.
  • CSS and Javascript language interpretation support within the code editor.
  • New button for project execution.
  • New example template with the HTML diagram library of GoJS for creating Mind maps This template will be inside the „Samples” project (you will need to import samples project to access the applications).
  • Database Builder update with a new Interface facilitating performance for creating and changing your database. New theme, store server-side to avoid excessive requests, accessibility labels (HTML5) and new languages: Danish, Greek, Galician, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Finnish, Hebrew and Malay.
  • Database Builder update for MySQL: Support connecting to MySQL via SSL, support JSON data type, Support MySQL 8.
  • Atualização do Database Builder para o MariaDB: Suporte JSON desde o MariaDB 10.2 e suporte a índices fulltext e espaciais no InnoDB.
  • Database Builder update for PostgreSQL: Support binary files in bytea fields.
  • Database Builder update for PostgreSQL: support JSON and JSONB data types, materialized views.
  • Database Builder update for SQLite: Allow deleting PRIMARY KEY from tables with auto increment.
  • Database Builder update for SQLite: enable FOREIGN KEY CHECKS.
  • Database Builder update for SQL Server: Support freetds.
  • Database Builder update for SQL Server: support pdo_dblib.
Modificări și îmbunătățiri
  • Updating the new HTML editor.
Corecții și rezolvări probleme
  • Fixed issue when using the macro sc_label in multiple record forms and grid editable.
  • Fixed issue in setting the maximum size of the field on the filter settings.
  • Fixed issue in preview of the label of the columns in the XLS export when the application was using language variables.
  • Fixed issue in the duplicity of the characters as they are typed in mobile environments.
  • Fixed issue when pressing the enter key in multi-line text field.
  • Fixed issue in CSS tabs in static and dynamic Groupby in Grid application.
  • Fixed issue in the „Maximum Size” option in the multi-line text field.
  • Fixed issue when importing a spreadsheet where the name contained numbers.
  • Fixed issue when inserting an image with link in the field EditorHTML.
  • Fixed issue in the Google Maps field view in the Editable Grid form (View).
  • Fixed issue in processing the „Exit” button of the Control application, when the application was executed within the menu.
  • Fixed problem in passing parameters in the field link of the Grid, when the Form had composite key.
  • Fixed JavaScript error in the „Save Grid” button of the Grid application.
  • Fixed issue in displaying the Summary on the same page of the Grid, after navigation of records.
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer, by keeping focus on text area fields while the values ​​is being filled.